Wondering What Is Thermofoil? Here It Is

Yes first time when I heard about thermofoil, it is a little bit new as well, “what is thermofoil?”. But sure it shall not be a problem anymore because we will try to bring it to the light in the easiest way possible. Thermofoil furniture, or more well known as thermofoil cabinets are cabinets that are made by using the vinyl material. Some heat that being applied to the vinyl that it is molded over medium density fiberboard (MDF). This type of material is also known as engineered wood. Cabinets that are made in such a process are known to be more resistant to heat, as well as to moisture and also easy to clean. This cabinetry can be found as the furniture in the kitchen and in the bathroom.


Humidity is one of the good and bad things in your house. You surely need humidity, but in some ways, humidity could causes you damage on your furniture, especially those made from the wood. Having a high humidity level or living in such area you would really consider using the thermofoil furniture instead of wooden. Why are the themrofoil cabinetry and furniture so above the sky these days?

What is Thermofoil Advantages for Us?

As we already stated little advantages included if we are using the thermofoil furniture, some people would still wonder, what are thermofoil cabinets? Thermofoil cabinets are known to be vinyl molded material that in made into the form of cabinetries and being used in many houses. The purpose is to be more economical as well as having durable furniture in your house. The further implications of why thermofoil cabinetry wins the vote are as follow:

Easy to Clean and Low Maintenance. Many homeowners would agree if we say that the thermofoil cabinetry or furniture do well in their house when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The laminate covers on the top of it avoid any bacteria or humidity to come inside and cause a rotten to the wood. You can easily wipe it or clean it with cleaning liquid directly without afraid of ruining the surface. Problem like a grease or dirt will be easier to handle. Thermofoil also doesn’t require any resist stain or protective coating so it saves you a little more money in maintenance sector of this furniture. What is thermofoil? It is a great invention and answers for many problem with high humidity or heat level in your house like a kitchen.

what is thermofoil

Various Design and Color. What is thermofoil without a little color and design? Moving a little bit from the functionality and all the heat and humidity resistance, we should accept that this engineered wood is well managed as playful furniture. Coming as many color and design, these thermofoil cabinetries and furniture can do well to be put in your kid’s room and even to be a focal point in your bedroom or other part of the house. Design and colors in wide range make it easier for anyone to choose which one of these thermofoil to beautify the house.

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